A diet is never wholesome unless every element of it holds its promise. Healthy oil will be different for an athlete, working professional, millennials, or even elderly. We live in middle of these extremes and thus need to choose carefully. Oils are vital for the human body to function properly and cannot be skipped totally.

There is one thing everyone needs when it comes to cooking, regardless of what diet they are on, and that is oil. Cooking oil is a staple in every home and one of those products that gets used daily. Moreover, oils behave differently when they are subject to extreme heat, a common scenario while cooking food.

This means if you are not careful, you may end up eating something which even though was healthy before being cooked, is now no more healthier for your heart after it’s been cooked or used in the cooking.

With in-depth market research, we decided to explore our journey with cooking oils which are healthy, tasty, and adapt well with various types of cuisines and cooking methods.

Riso range of cooking oils is nutritionally balanced and versatile and is the perfect choice for cooking, frying, baking, roasting, grilling, dressing, and sautéing.

Someone once said: "Everyone has two lives.The second one begins when you realize you only have one..."

But what one does after realising that, is the real question.

Life in its seamless ways entraps us into daily routines. Consumed by which, we fail to realise the preciousness of each moment that swiftly passes us by without us even knowing.

Yet there are some rare, rebels who refuse to abide by these so-called bylaws of the society and live life by the code ‘Carpe Diem’.